Cat B Module 2: Physics

CATEGORY: Common Category B Modules

Cat B Module 2: Physics

Course Access: 56 days access
Course Overview

This Category B1 physics module is designed to provide the background knowledge necessary to understand the operation of aircraft equipment and systems. The student will gain an overview of the SI system of units, the structure of matter and the properties of solids, liquids and gases. The basic principles of statics, kinetics and dynamics are explained, and calculations performed using appropriate formulae. Other subjects include the effects of simple vibration theory and basic gyroscopic principles. Basic thermodynamic principles are explained and simple related calculations performed. The basic principles of the sound and electromagnetic wave propagation are reviewed, and the propagation of light is investigated with a view to its use in fibre optic communications.

Primary Target Group

  • Engineering minded persons seeking to enter the sector
  • Professionals working in the industry who wish to obtain or enhance their license privileges¬†

Recommended Requirements


Course Material

Online and downloadable detailed EASA/UK CAA approved module study material

Delivery Method

Self Study


Multi choice exam (essay for applicable modules 7A, 9A & 10). See Exam Centre section here for more information.


EASA and/or UKCAA Part 147 Approved type Certificate of Recognition (Examination Only)

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