Cat B Module 4 (B1): Electronic Fundamentals

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CATEGORY: B1 Modules

Cat B Module 4 (B1): Electronic Fundamentals

Course Access: 28 days access
Course Overview

This category B1 Electronic Fundamentals module starts by looking at the building block of semiconductor components: the P-N junction, this is followed by a look at the characteristics, operation, uses, and basic testing of diodes and transistors.

Basic logic gates and linear circuits are then introduced and basic AtoD and DtoA conversion techniques investigated. The module concludes with looking at the transducers and synchronous data transmission systems found on an aircraft.

Recommended Requirements


Course Material

Online and downloadable detailed EASA/UK CAA approved module study material

Delivery Method

Self Study


Multi choice exam (essay for applicable modules 7A, 9A & 10). See Exam Centre section here for more information.


EASA and/or UKCAA Part 147 Approved type Certificate of Recognition (Examination Only)

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