Cat B Module 11A: Turbine Aeroplane Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems: Electrical AV

Cat B Module 11A: Turbine Aeroplane Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems: Electrical AV



This category B1 Turbine Aeroplane, Aerodynamics, Structures & Systems module is split into two parts; mechanical and electrical/avionic. 

The mechanical section deals with elements of aerodynamics, the structure, construction and mechanics of those systems. It first looks at the Theory of Flight and how airflow and flight affects the design and operation of aeroplanes. The system elements describe the layout and operation of the aircraft mechanical systems such as ice and rain protection, the generation of hydraulic power, flight controls, landing gear, fuel, fire protection, pneumatics, air conditioning and oxygen. 

The objective for this section is that the student should be able to describe and identify the basic system components, to describe the layout and fundamental operation of that system and how the systems may interact. 

The electrical/avionic section includes an introduction to instrument systems: pitot-static for measuring airspeed and altitude, remote and direct reading compasses, and gyroscopic flight instruments, and an overview of a number of avionic systems including on-board maintenance systems. Electrical Power Generation and Distribution along with Internal and External lighting is also covered within this part of the module. 

In each case the depth of study will be sufficient to enable the student to describe the layout of each system, and explain its operation and interaction with other aircraft systems. Using this information, and given a period of time to gain experience of the systems in a maintenance environment, the student should be able to determine the serviceability of a system, and investigate and identify basic faults in a system.

Primary Target Group

  • Engineering minded persons seeking to enter the sector
  • Professionals working in the industry who wish to obtain or enhance their license privileges 

Recommended Requirements


Course Material

Online and downloadable detailed EASA/UK CAA approved module study material

Delivery Method

Self Study


Multi choice exam (essay for applicable modules 7A, 9A & 10). See Exam Centre section here for more information.


EASA and/or UKCAA Part 147 Approved type Certificate of Recognition (Examination Only)